Weland Smithy

Decorative, Functional & Industrial

Torvald Sorenson
Artist Blacksmith & Proprietor

Steel flows to make thought solid...as if by Magic.

Custom Work

My Custom work includes commissions such as:


My line includes products such as:

Artist's Bio

Contact & Ordering Information

Weland Smithy
Torvald Sorenson
58907 N. 423 P.R. N.E.
Benton City, WA 99320

Phone: (509) 967-9402
E-mail: torvald-s((at))juno.com

Please contact Torvald by phone or e-mail if you wish to make an order or inquire about custom orders.
Torvald also typically makes annual appearances at the Richland, Washington Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire, Sidewalk Art Show, and Tumbleweed Music Festival, as well as at the Whitman Renaissance Faire in Walla Walla and at various SCA events during the summer. Stop by his booth and check out his wares!

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